Somehere in the distant past, after an indulgent holiday with the body and mind fully recharged, a dome drink beckons me near a the airport terminal.

Thoughts of ageing the wine in the midst of the lush and dark storeroom cellar of sun-drenched HDB storeroom and finally presenting it to my future wife - seems priceless for the future...

04 Sep 2011 - after the birth of Matthias, the vintage Dome of 10+ years was remembered and presented - it was drunk without the passion and majestic moments as i had imagined years back...

This set the impetus of the cells in the main conrol center racing.... its time to capture all my memories and experiences crafted up there in the form of a blog so that it can be part of the distant memories even though some things can never be much appreciated or so as one may think...

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Cultivation of Papaya tree

Reflecting the time spent on the understanding on the mentioned, the differentiation of the male and female trees are crucial factor which should be duplicated so that no wasted time should be spent on the cultivation of male tree since they don't produce fruits for harvesting. Imagine waiting in anticipation for a year to find out that the tree cannot bear fruit, that will stressed one out enough to go on a holiday...

Choose those dark coloured seeds as seen in the picture and success is guaranteed. The lighted coloured seeds  are the male.

My current experiment on the various type of seeds. Had those big Hong Kong papayas and those Hawaii papayas in the bag, waiting for the germination.

Picked up something interesting on the cousin of prawns, which they call Langoustines - with their long claws and salmon pink shells, they make for a sweeter and more delicate substitute. Have a look:

Chicken pox

Finally succumbed to the dreaded pox virus after 35 years. Deciding wihether to post pictures of myself showing off the dreaded trophy of clouded blisters covering over 70% of my body and i decide not to. Just in case someone out there puke at my pictures and i dont think i will ever want to relive such painful experiences through the pics.

First weeek was the worst that it can get. The virus show no mercy and the pox keeps appearing like there is no tomorrow. My face, body, limbs, whenever there is fresh meat, would be replaced by blisters. Basically, i was groggy and feverish throughout the days and confined to bed and cannot move at all except to eat and drink.

Visited the clinics countless time and finally decided to go to A&E after the blisters show no signs of stopping their rampage on my body. Was given anti-viral drugs to stop them and finally victory was won slowly and steadily.

My friend told me the doc should have given me the anti-viral drugs earlier as her experiences only yield some pox... well, thats history and i am finally on my way back to recovery.

Had to be isolated from my wife, sons and mum as the disease will spread and i am confined in Aunt Debbie house. Well,  with lots of free time on hand, the garderner in me revived.

Papaya tree cultivation - my new found hobby during my period of confinement. Seems like no rocket science but actually there are male and female trees. Only female trees bear fruits - wah, so complicated meh. THen how to choose a female trees? Stay tune for further post.

Well, 2 weeks without coffee seems like eternity. Now, i am enjoying a nice cup of coffee while relaxing in a nice cafe. The language of coffee is not easy to comprehend especially if you are looking for a great cup.

THe coffee serve here takes some understanding as you need to take time to enjoy it. Swirl it slowly around the mouth and the earthy strutures will be released. Nice aromatics lingers later and if you stand it for some time later, the blending of the air yields chocolaty and nutty bursting flavour - the beam here is indeed complex and it takes some understanding to fully appreciate the taste - like great wine does to great coffee.

There are easier to drink to coffee but with time on hand, do try it. Taste review - 7.5/10.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Tea Review

 Imagine getting to drink something full of anti-oxidants and vitamins that will greatly benefit your body. Imagine that your thirst are greatly soothe after having such drinks. Well, the subject matter will be tea and the old adage that you are what you eat may seem downright elementary but is often ignored in our fast paced society.
So, take time off to enjoy a cup of tea that is full of beneficiary properties to the body. A tin of nice-looking tea was given as a gift and time for the sampling to reveal the taste. They are delicious and stimulating, because there is a constant aromatic newness in the streams of oolong but it has a weak body and highly represented by the light green colour of the drink. Taste review - 3.5/5.

Well, have some tea they say and you will be cleansed, relaxed and ready to take on the new destination. Cheers to good health and thanks Aunt Debbie for the tea...

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Dim Sum

Dim sum refers to a Chinese style prepared as small bite-sized or individual portions of food traditionally served in small steamer baskets or on small plates. And as a continuation of the post birthday celebration, mum treated us to dim sum buffet.

 Jellied pork skin and BBQ chicken wings

 Sesame bao and chive dumplings
 Xiao long bao and prawn dumplings

 Durian beard and desserts

Each dishes is so unique and when it comes to choosing, take everything to sample as long as your stomach can bag all the ordered food. The food is good and most importantly, it is cheap!! about $16.80/pax.

Had cravings for buffet for months and this bout of food gorging definitely left me satisfied. Guess it has assisted me in regaining and maintaining my balance in the following months to come without buffet....

Shantou buffet - must try!! but please remember to make booking for it is always full house. We went on a weekday afternoon thinking that it will be empty. OMG.... We are wrong...the restaurant is packed to the brimmed and make us wonder why- aren't these people working on a weekday afternoon?

Monday, 24 October 2011

Nutrition from buffet

Comfort food in such abundance and variance are a supremely indulgent combination creating the ultimate backdrop for my 35th birthday celebration. First of all the fashion line of seafood that you can see lining up in your sight waiting for the moment of being devoured. Here it comes:


Cafe Spice @ concorde hotel - despite having a spicy name - the food are not so spicy but they are temptingly delicious. With views over the crowded streets of orchard, the air is constantly laden with the aromatic scent of Chinese herbs and the warm tingle of sweet desserts, set on a constant chatter of the fun-filled crowd.
The night ends immersing in a few round of this evilly wicked chocolate moose and the great company leaves wonderful memories.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Roast Chicken

Who can ever say no to such a nicely roasted meat dressed in its Sunday best - lined with shades of golden brown hue. Roast chicken was surely created for moments like this. Down this with a glass of nice chilled beer or indulge with a nice port (go for W&J Graham's) and the moment will truly be perfect!!

Review - soft and moist body, texture almost like the chicken from Kenny Roger. Aromatic five spices does wonder giving it an uplifting taste. Thumbs up.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

A short trip to Malaysia

Truly reflecting the the meaning of short trip, our trips nowadays seems to border around Malaysia, namely Bukit Indah and KSL. Epitomising this meaning in the above picture demanding why why - why is my holiday getting shorter?? Ha ha... another 2 years, my darling, when little Matthias is older enough to travel or older enough to get a passport....

Welcome to the world of cheap and good durian. This is probably one of the best tasting and value for money durian that we have chanced upon... make a guess....S$3.26/Kg,,, versus S$18/Kg in Singapore.... Heaven awaits!!

Tasting - creamy, deep and distinctive caramel flavour with superb bitter sweet aged sherry tasting. Thumbs up!!

This mother of all durians weigh in at a high of 5kg and its sheer size can be seen from the attached pic. Samuel is basking in delight after tasting, definitely - more durians for me dad....
As we search for the that depth and enjoyment within us, the stomach will deliver its knocking of acid juices to signal time to feast. Some of the food that we enjoy and don't enjoy - bak kut teh, coffee, roast duck, chicken rice, soups, etc... wait for the reviews.

Starting to put things right in one's life and to put them in practice seems to be natural and as i pen this blog - it begs 2 questions - is the wait fruitful for it is a funny old beast which taunts you to keep thinking, tugging at the inner peace for it promises the world and becomes your biggest frustration - can one keep waiting for to change things little by little, perseverance is essential.

Wander off to the distant future, Samuel can best summarize the situation - with a smile, don't keep me waiting for too long dad... :)